Others Interview Question Answers

Q1: Explain Architecture of your Project?

Explain the whole structure of your project. It will be good to explain that on paper. Highlight the part on which you are working.

Q2: Explain some of the task you performed?

Briefly explain some of the good technical and logical task which you have performed during your previous experience.

Q3: Hurdles you faced while working on any task?

Explain some of the major hurdles you faced while working on assigned task and how you tackeled them. Explain the logic you have applied to overcome the problem with reason.

Q4: Other than your normal day to day task, have you done any optimization\cost cutting task in your project?

For this question you can explain if you have suggested any automization\optimization of existing process and what exactly you did in that with technical reasons.

Q5: Other than your daily basis task work, are you handling any other responsibilities?

Explain the other responsibilities if your handling any like Configuration Management,Defect Prevention representative etc.

Q6: Salary Discussion?

For salary discussion it will be good to have knowledge regarding what company can offer on your level of expierence and for which technology(demand in market) they are hiring you. Based on these two factor you can set your expectations.