Servlet Context

It is a interface which provides set of method to communicate with servlet container.

For a web application their will be one context.

It is contained with in ServletConfig Object

Get ServletContext Object

Way 1: Using Config

ServletConfig conf = getServletConfig();
ServletContext context = conf.getServletContext();

Way 2: Using context method from GenericServlet class

ServletContext ctx = getServletContext();

Way 3: Using HttpRequest Object

ServletContext ctx = req.getServletContext();

Use of ServletContext:

1) Variable initialized in web.xml:


We can get this parameter value in Servlet as:

String str = context.getInitParameter("test");

2) We can also set and get attributes using ServletContext.

e.g: Set the value in one servlet and get in another


ServletContext ctx = getServletContext();


ServletContext ctx = getServletContext();
String str = ctx.getAttribute("test");

3) To get RequestDispatcher Object(to transfer the control from one servlet to another servlet\jsp etc)

RequestDispatcher reqDispObj = getServletContext()